Dr. Marina Mutovkina, Dermatologist (Russia)

28 years experience in the medical field
25 years experience in aesthetic medicine, international trainer, lector, author, developer of procedures and methods on the most advanced level, international dermal filler expert

"I want to share with my colleagues  and students not only my knowledge, but also my passion for the universe of esthetics."
Dr. Marina

Irina Ervik PhD (Norway)

lector, international trainer
25 years experience in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatments
dermal filler expert

"I don´t see borders between beauty and health, I try to find harmony in everything I do."

Sonya VALKOVA MD, PhD Assoc. Professor of Dermatology (Bulgaria)

She has 25 years experience in the medical field and 16 years experience in the
aesthetic field. Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the Medical University Pleven,
Bulgaria and Head of the phototherapy Unit in the Department of Dermatology
and Venereology, University Hospital Pleven. She has authored over 40 research
and review articles and textbook chapters. Dr. Valkova is also a member of the
International Society of Dermatology.

"I do believe that to be a good doctor, first one must be a good person. The biggest treasure in my career is the confidence of my patients."
Dr. Sonya

Dr. Rene Rodriguez Soto (Cuba)

lector, international trainer
15 years experience in aesthetic medicine
dermal filler expert

"I never forget that to be a doctor means to be human and responsible. Ethics and esthetics are twins in my world."
Dr. Rene

Dr. Pancholi, Dermatologist and Venerologist (Kenya)

lector, international trainer
12 years experience in medical field
dermal filler expert

Dr. Ahmed Youssef, Dermatologist and Venerologist (Egypt)

He is a respected IMCAS lector. Last year he won the ISD Global Education Award
from the International Society of Dermatology. He has experience in the aesthetic
field for more than 9 years and he is CEO of Juvederm Elite Clinic – Kuwait.
Dr. Ahmed is also an Associate member of Harvard Medical School - Boston.
Recently he has registered a new PRP Tube for a patent in European Patent
Office (EPO) for high quality retrieval of PRP after centrifugation and for PRP Gel

Dr. Ayoud Toumi, Plastic Sergeon (Syria)

Distributors′ trainer in Syria

18 years expericence in medical filed
13 years experience in surgery and 5 years in plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments

Dr. Ivanna Anishina, Dermatologist (Ukraine)

10 years experince in injecting dermal fillers.
6 years experince in threads procedures.
12 years experince in mesotherapies.

Rajat Bhandari, Bone and soft tissue grafting specialist (India)

He is certifited filler and botox spesialist. Speaker at IMCAS’ 18. Dr. Rajat Bhandari
graduated from G.D.C. Amritsar and did his post graduation in the field of oral
pathology from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. He completed his masters in
laser dentistry in Vienna. Rajat has a post graduate diploma in Bone & Soft Tissue
Grafting from University of South Carolina, U.S.A. He also did a preceptorship
program in facial aesthetics.