What to expect from the PLLA Thread Lift:
•reduces wrinkles, lines and creases
•lifts and tightens saggy or flabby skin, improving definition
•immediate results continue to improve skin elasticity and texture
•brightens skin tone and complexion
•produces more defined facial contours such as cheekbones
•can sculpt more pleasing feature e.g. angle of the mouth

Advantages of PLLA Threads
• Long lasting results - generally longer lasting compared to the PDO threads
• lnvisible through the skin - the PLLA threads are transparent (the PDO threads are with blue color)
• Excellent safety record over 30 years
• Naturally broken down within the body over about 18 months
• Results last around 24 months and wear off gradually
• Procedure can be repeated as required in the future, adjusted to best tackle ongoing facial ageing