Biodegradablegel, designed to increase and/or restore face volume, remodel facial contours and face deformations. It is indicated to be injected into skin′s deep dermis.

Add volume to the face
Young skin is fresh and beautiful thanks to the natural hyaluronic acid content in it. As it is known with age the levels of hyaluronic acid decrease and skin starts to slacken and loses its youthful volume. HYALURONICA® 3 is a specialized product designed to restore the lost volume and to remodel facial contours.  

Injection techniques
HYALURONICA® 3 is an injectable gel implant with no color, based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. The product is designed for professional use by practiotioners, after they have successfully passed a specialized training. The procedures with HYALURONICA® 3 are to be performed with special techniques, which is essential for the final results. HYALURONICA® 3 is indicated to be injected with Tunnel Injection Technique (Linear technique).

Technical specifications
HYALURONICA® 3 is presented in a box of 2x1ml syringes;
Concentration of hyaluronic acid is 25 mg/ml;
The effect of the treatment may last more than 12+ months.

Important: Cross-linking is the process of stabilization of Hyaluronic Acid. The most used stabilizing agent for cross-linking is BDDE (butanediol diglycodyl ether).