Beauty Professional Academy was founded in 2016 by Vital Esthetique, DermaVita and Juvederm CosMedics.

Vital Esthetique is a French company certified according to ISO 13485. Based in Paris, the company has gained more than 8 years of experince in the aesthetic field and is specialized in design, production and distribution of high quality products with intensive age-defying benefits.

DermaVita is an international company owner of the brand Juvederm.  Via the collaboration of  licensed specialized companies  started R&D of wide range cosmetic products, meso-cocktails and skin peelings.

Juvederm CosMedics is a company specialized in conception, marketing and commercialization of medical devices - PRP and Thread lifts. 

Using their long-term experience, Vital Esthetique, DermaVita and Juvederm CosMedics created the Beauty Professional Academy. The main goal is to organize international meetings among qualified practitioners to share and discuss new technologies in aesthetic field and to introduce the specifics of the companies’ products.

The training program - workshop is designed with a combination of theory and practical demonstrations.

The Beauty Professional Academy established training centers in Bulgaria, Lebanon, Norway and Russia.

The main training center is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.